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With the Club’s early past somewhat in obscurity and having no proper documented evidence, it is difficult to really outline its humble beginnings.

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Greetings to all.

This is the President of the Interim Committee of our Club addressing you in my Maiden (first) Message.

Many of you will be aware by now that the last Annual General Meeting held on Sunday, 23.4.2017 ended with the existing General Committee (GC) stepping down enbloc due to the following reasons:
a) The bar shortage were not properly explained.
b) Many GC members had not kept their Club account in order despite the cautioning in the previous AGM in 2016.
c) The GC was in shambles with the GC members in change of F&B resigning 2 weeks before the AGM. Six (6) GC members putting up a motion of no confidence on the President and the Treasurer has also put in his resignation. Clause 8.1. of the Club Rule states that the Management of the affairs of the Club shall be vested in a General Committee with the General Committee in such disarray the members present at the AGM voted for the entire existing GC to step down and an Interim Committee was elected with the following objectives:-
- To look into the bar shortages problem and to investigate those responsible for the losses and to take appropriate action.
- To sort out the Customs raid issue.
- To re-check the 2016 Annual accounts and the 2018 budget.
- To call the next Extraordinary General meeting by 3 months to present the revised accounts and call for fresh elections for the entire General Committee.

In the 1st meeting on 25th April 2017 the Interim Committee appropriated the General Committee duties as follows:-
Mr. Gopala Kirishan Menon - Interim President
Mr. R. Rajalingam - Treasurer/Tender
Mr. V. Sivalingam - Hon. Secretary/Sports
Mr. P. Ganesh - House & Grounds/Security
Mr. T. Sharan Ponniah - Food & Beverage
Mr. J. W. Eales - Library/Website
Mr. K. Ravindran - Human Resource
Mr. P. Kumar - Entertainment

The Vice President/Commodore, Dr George Bolze, the Disciplinary Committee, Sports Convenor’s, Sub Committee members and the Internal Auditors will continue in their posts until the EGM in late July or early August 2017. The President duties shall cover Membership/Social Affairs.

Finally let me wish you all a good month in May. Ramadhan fasting falls in this month. Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslim. I hope you will frequent the Club to celebrate several special holidays such as Wesak Day, Mother’s Day etc.

Thank you

Gopala Kirishan Menon,
President Interim Committee