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With the Club’s early past somewhat in obscurity and having no proper documented evidence, it is difficult to really outline its humble beginnings.

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Greetings to all.

Dear fellow members of RPDYC. Greetings to all. This is the President of the Interim Committee of our club with my second message updates.

As regard to the Bar shortage problem we have implemented a number of corrective measures:

a) Daily Bar closing and opening stock checks and verifying against bills sales to conclude daily sales figure. This will give us information on daily losses for action to be taken. We are glad to report that at the closing of Bar sales for May 2017 the shortage has reduced to a great extend.

b) We are now in the process of addressing the issue of employees who are responsible for the bar losses. Show cause letters has been issued to those who have failed to perform proper physical inventory count and for making “false report”

I would like to report that the customs issue has been settled. A fine was imposed and payment has been made. Continuous effort has been made to notify the liquor dealer who had supplied the liquor informing them that the compound charged by the customs will be recovered from them along with other losses of the confisticated bottles. We are now seeking a meeting with the liquor dealers to compensate our liquors losses.

For the information of members the appointed Interim F&B Chairman has tendered his resignation. All matter pertaining to the F&B is over seen by the Interim President

On members account, we have taken necessary steps to enforce the rule 6.3(iii) to ensure all members pay up their accounts due and do not have aging or exceed the credit limit of RM2500.00. Any member who has breech the rules his name will be posted as defaulters in board

We after going through the evaluation of the catering contract, I am glad to announce the appointment of “Dirasa F&B Catering”. This company also operates as caterer for the Royal Selangor Yacht Clubs. They have about 10 years experiences in this business and have other outlets in Kuala Lumpur. They have commence operating our kitchen effective of 1st June 2017. We look forward to sumptuous delicious and new flavours especially with their experience of operating fusion kitchen apart from the local Chinese and Eastern delicacies.

I hope member will continue to patronize the club and enjoy the school holiday and many other occasions in the cosy ambience of our beloved club.

Thank you

President Interim Committee