1. The name of the Club is the Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club.
2. The registered place of business shall be “Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club, Batu 4 ½ Jalan Pantai, 71050 Si Rusa, Negeri Sembilan, West Malaysia”.
3. The emblem of the Club shall be as follows:
A brown Rusa deer seated, facing left on a blue and yellow striped base; on either side, one green branch.

4. The Objects of the Club are:
i) To promote and carry on a sports and social club.
ii) To enter into reciprocal arrangements with any other association or club so that the members thereof may enjoy the privileges, amenities and facilities of the Club and vice versa.
5. To provide and maintain the club-house for the use of the Members of the Club and to do all other things which the Committee may consider desirable or necessary in the interests of the members of the Club.

6. In these Rules and all Bye-Laws made hereunder unless there be something repugnant in the subject matter or context:
(a) “The Club” means the Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club.
(b) “The Committee” mean the members of the General Committee for the time being.
(c) “In writing” means written or printed or partly written or partly printed.
(d) “Month” means Calendar month and for the purposes of subscription shall be the period from the first to the last day of every month.
(e) Words importing the singular number include the plural number and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender include (where the context admits) the feminine gender.
(f) Corporation means companies incorporated in Malaysia and companies permitted to operate within Malaysia.
(g) “General Meeting” means the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting properly convened in accordance with these Rules.
(h) “Member” means all classes of members as defined in these Rules unless otherwise qualified.

7. The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these Rules and of the Bye-Laws made hereunder, and the decision thereon of the Committee for the time being shall be binding on all Members. Any dispute in the interpretation of the Rules involving matters of a serious nature shall be referred to a General Meeting of Members, called upon the written request of the Members or by the committee itself. At such a General Meeting, the majority decision of those voting shall be deemed the final interpretation of the Rule/Rules in dispute.