Annual Staff Gratuity
We have enclosed an Annual Staff Gratuity form for members to contribute towards the staff gratuity as tipping is not permitted by the Club Ruling. We look forward and appreciate your generous contribution.

Oktoberfest Celebration
Saturday, 28th October 2017
Come party at the Club! An evening of fun filled games, music, beer drinking contest and plenty of prizes to be won. Happy hours Tiger/Carlsberg draft at 7.80 all day long. Look out for our Oktoberfest A ’la Carte food promotions.

53rd PD Open Tennis Tournament 2017
Date: 30th November to 3rd December 2017
Entry forms are available at the reception and Website. Attractive cash prizes to be won!!

Room Reservation
Room bookings for 1st January 2018 to 30th March 2018 will be open for reservation from 15th December 2017 at 8.00 a.m.

Job Vacancy
Vacancies available for the following positions: Interested candidates are invited for a walk-in interview between 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
a) Waiters
b) Waitress
c) Bartenders
d) General workers (landscaping)

Guests fee
Members who wish to introduce their guests to use the sports facilities are allowed only twice a month. On each occasion, the member must accompany the guest. A guest fee of RM2.00 will be levied on each sporting facility excluding the gymnasium which is strictly for members use only. All bye-laws on the use of facilities must be adhered to strictly.

Member’s Children
Members’ children are strictly not allowed to sign in guests unless signed in by their parents. Children age 21 and above are considered as guests. All guests must be signed in before utilising the facilities. Guests are not permitted to enter the Club in the absence of the member. Members are to advise their children accordingly.

Private Members Bottle Kept at the Bar
Bar Security is a priority. A review of private members bottles held at the bar shows that some bottles have been unused for some time. With space limited, Club members are cordially requested to remove bottles, stored in the bar which remain unused for over two months, or they will be disposed of. Only bottles purchased form the Club will be allowed to be kept at the bar cabinet. Thank you for your cooperation.